Uniforms are made to differentiate armies. We designed our uniform to be as unique as possible to really stand out in the crowd! Every month, a new Penguin Style Catalog comes out with different items meaning we have to change the uniform to make it available to everybody. View below to access how to get our CPR uniform!

June 2020



Head Item: Red Viking Helmet, 750 coins
Face Item: Black Sunglasses, 200 coins
Neck Item: Black Tie, 125 coins
Body Item: Red Football Jersey, 500 coins
Hand Item: Red Electric Guitar, 550 coins
Foot Item: Untied Shoes, 150 coins
Total: 2275 coins

Where to find them

Viking Helmet

This is the most expensive part of the uniform, so it’s okay if you can’t afford it.

(Page 8 of the Penguin Style Catalog, click on the ‘N’ on the right penguin’s sweatshirt.)


These may be difficult to obtain as you need to be a PSA agent!

(Page 4 in the FISH)

Black Tie

(Page 11 of the Penguin Style Catalog)

Red Football Jersey

(Page 4 of the Snow & Sports Catalog in the Stadium)

Red Electric Guitar

(Go to the Beach and go into the Lighthouse. Click the paper in the bottom right corner to find this Catalog.)

Untied Shoes

(Page 5 of the Penguin Style Catalog)

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