The Red Ravagers were created by Maxine and Honda in May of 2020.

The opening event, held on 6/9/2020, maxed 12, making Red Ravagers an official army registered under Club Penguin Armies Media.

In June, CPAM closed down and became CPAH (Club Penguin Army Hub) and the Ravagers became an official S/M army registered under CPAH.

On September 17th, 2020, Honda stepped down from his position as Red Commander. On the 23rd of the same month, MermaidBri was promoted to Red Commander.

During her entire career, MermaidBri tried to quit several times but all of her attempts were foiled by the heroic RR HCOM. On December 5th, Maxine retired from her position as Red Commander. On December 21st, Neha was promoted to Red Commander, and was also inducted as a RR Hero. On the same day, BaileyBear was inducted as a RR Hero.

On January 13th, the Red Ravagers shut down in response to the dangers presented by the Club Penguin army community, continuing as a gaming community. The server was rebranded to Ravvy Hangout.

On February 9th, the leaders announced that the Red Ravagers army was being revived. Since then, we have been in action, making our server a fun, safe, and inclusive space for anyone and everyone.

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