Heyo Ravagers and any of the lovely golden troops that attended with us today <3! Today, May 26th we logged onto ascent and met at the giftshop for an amazing fashion context.

Max: 12

Swaggy max of 12!!

After some laughs and chatting before the competition we began the first round with the theme “Summer break”! And though all of the penguins today looked AMAZINGGGG only one could win this round. And that winner was *drum rollssssss*


Most well known from ACP hcom, we had our first victor rise to the top. Daniel20448 showed off his summer fashion and totally WIPED OUT the competition.

The next round came and gave our competitors a variety of ideas as we could tell from how different each of their outfits were and the theme for it was JOB INTERVIEW!! With school getting out we figured we should give out a free practice run for those applying for summer jobs. The winner in this round showed out with creativity!!


Our beloved 3ic Bo plowed through the competition with her originality and quick thinking. This allowed her to take home the prize for the best dressed for a Job Interview!!

Finally as all good things must come to an end we decided to go out on a big note!!! Making the final theme PARTYYYYYYY!!!! The winner, looking a bit like a frat boy who is the beloved of a pick me girl, took home the prize! And the person with such a look is…….


Our amazing 3ic, Baks, used his popular frat boy charm to make everyone fall in love with his outfit of choice.. though he blamed it on the crocs :rolling_eyes:

And well that concludes the list of victors this event! I hope you enjoyed it and if you weren’t there I hope you’ll be there the next time we have one of our spectacular and fun events!

Signing out,

Amazing, Spectacular, and I love you


Heyo ravvyo’s! On May 25th we logged onto Abominable and went head to head against our amazing allies at ACP! It was a ton of fun and full of laughs! Look below to see some of the memories.

Max: 9

Max 9!
Get Clobbered Cuties :mwah:

This pb was filled with tons of hilarious roast and maybe even as far as some burns, even so it was a ton of fun for everyone who came and I hope you will come next time!!

Signing out,

You are amazing, spectacular, and I love you ❤

[US] Prehistoric Party

Hello there Ravagers! On May 24th, we woke to find writing on the cave walls. It clearly said there was going to be a party! So we all got dressed up in our best clothes and headed to the club (not the one you hit people with). Once we arrived we took a quick photo of everyone to remember the moment.

Max: 11

Here you can see at the party’s height we had 11 attendees

Once we had our fun over in the club we decided to go watch the fish in the sea from the dock, while jamming out to some bangin music.

RR parody’s coming soon??

But eventually it started to get dark so we headed towards this strange light in the distance and stumbled upon this thing we called, fire. You must be kind to it and give it space, or else it’ll burn your flippers… definitely not speaking from experience just something I heard about.

Our reaction to seeing the fire for first time

As you can tell this event was very exciting and filled with new and amazing experiences. I hope you’ll join us next time to decide to ravage the lands of CPR! Until then, signing out!

[US] Golden Troops Practice Battle

Ayo Red Ravagers! On May 18, we logged on for our second practice battle of the day with another one of our allies, the Golden Troops! Read more to see how it went!

Max: 5

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