A Demonic Departure

Hello, fellow troops of the Red Ravagers. Today is the last day of my tenure at the Red Ravagers army and all I can say is I’m sad that I’m leaving. This place has so many memories for me and so many things I can’t even begin to list. From joining here as a 3ic so I could be in a more chill place as I dealt with college, to falling in love with my amazing girlfriend Bri, to raiding our allies events, pinging and perm abusing everyone, bullying the mods and making them recruit, there’s just so many things. 

Bri: Thank you for making my time here more amazing than it ever could’ve been without you. You’ve shown me that there’s always new things to learn, but also how amazing I can be by giving me chances to prove myself. Without you, I doubt I’d be even half the person I am today and I can’t express how grateful I am to you for that. I know you’re gonna do awesome in the future even without me, cuz you’re Bri and you do that awesome thing where you win, no matter what. Even if you don’t, I believe you’ll have tried your best. 

Bailey: You’re icky! Tysm for being an amazing sister and for always helping me out with anything you can. You’re the best ❤

Neha: hey bestie! Ty for being such a caring friend! You’ve always helped me out whenever you could and I’m glad I got to work with someone like you. You’re an amazing leader, never forget that. 

Max: Everything I got to say about you can be put into one word: “late” :joy: jkjkjk max is like a literal legend when it comes to leading and literally every role you can think of. His experience and contributions are something you just can’t do without. Max is the kind of person you’d look up to when it comes to making sure you’ve got quality in your efforts. Yeah Max = awesome!

Baks: baks! son idk what to say except that I believe in you and that you’re gonna do awesome when it comes to both irl and when you eventually get to being HCOM. just believe in yourself as well, and try to be the best you can be everyday and you got this. And I think you’ll make a great leader one day, as you’re already a great mod. 

Tea: you’re literally one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and the most hardworking person ik. So don’t forget to give yourself breaks when you need them and also don’t stop being the way you are right now, you’re literally the one person who cares so much about everyone and that’s amazing. Take care tea wea get to HCOM soon 

Booze: Booze! My favorite buddy! You suck these days get it together smh jk you’re awesome as well you bully. When you eventually rank up to HCOM I’ll be there to congratulate you! And just so you know, I think you’re one of the people that make RR such an amazing place

Rep: you’re kinda weird sometimes but you’re my guy to go to whenever I need something done by someone who got that drive lmfaoo hope to see ya around take care and get promoted soon smh

Action: Traitor Action you’re literally the most amazing guy I’ve ever known. I hope your irl shit gets back to being amazing as soon as it can, and you eventually find the home you’re looking for these days. Don’t ever stop being yourself, you’re an amazing person!

Zeenie: Hi you’re not staff here but you’re one of my best friends and you’ve always motivated me to keep working whenever I felt too down to do anything. You’ve always told me to stay in RR but I’m leaving today (hence the mention lmao) I’ll ofc be around a lot and talk too but for now its the end of the line for me ig I’ll cya!

Austin: Hi you’re not staff here either and you kinda suck bro but we noobs together so here’s to you, my mentor, the person who recruited me and helped me learn and believe in myself, and most importantly my best friend who supports me like my elder brother would. 

I’m not gonna miss any troops cuz they’re all stinky except Angelz. 

Not actually, I’ll miss you all you’re amazing people. I’d also like to thank our amazing allies – ACP, RPF, HF, IW, for everything they’ve done to help someone as irrelevant as us to max big and learn how to be cool lmfao y’all are amazing!

There’s so many people I haven’t mentioned, CSY, Aurora, Daniel, Chicken, Revan, Fusion, Max (who goes by elio now), my friends from Elites like tia and simmonds and mythic and zamb, sophie, mangoes the amount of people who’ve made an impact on my life is just endless and I’ll miss you all. Maybe I’ll see some of you again when I do come back in some time. For now its time to say goodbye! Cya guys around, keep doing what you’re doing I’m not one of those people who’ll tell you to leave CPA and focus on irl, ik for a fact that everyone does their best to balance it out and I believe you guys can do it like I’ve been. But yeah leave when you need to, like I’m doing now.

Never stop believing in yourself, guys! 

Scorpion Demon

He’s Finally Going Commando717

DM me to join the new army I’m creating after this. The theme will be black and white, and I don’t have a name for the army yet so feel free to volunteer some new names! If you’re interested in co-creating it with me and bri, we’re welcoming and we’re better than RR!

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