Enter Sandman

Hey Ravagers! I was just sipping my daily morning cup of coffee when a particularly stinky member of the HCOM team DMed me saying we never replied to SE’s war reply. At the time, I was vibing to Enter Sandman by Metallica playing on my boombox, so I titled the RR rebuttal to SE’s reply: “Enter Sandman”.

Nawhh, the real reason is, the title makes no sense. Hence, its perfect, cuz their war reply didn’t make any sense as well 😉

SE spent 2 days struggling to scrap through a post, stayed awake till 2 am to post it, and then claimed “This post wasn’t worth our time”

You just don’t learn from your mistakes, do you?

You can read our original war declaration post here!

Bakooks, and Tea never brought to bear that they want to dual enlist in Silver Empire. In their entire stint as members of the Red Ravagers army, they’ve rarely spoken in the Silver Empire server. Silver Empire seems to theorize that every next person that joins the server is a fresh troop to steal. The default role they give to newcomers is “Private”. The actual process of giving visitor or allied roles is through a self assign channel, that the visitor has to do by themselves.

When Baks (Bakooks) first joined the server, he did visit this channel to get an allied role.

SE acknowledging that Baks is an ally upon entering the server, and Baks getting the Ally role!

Baks attended a few events for SE as an ally. By the dusk of the year 2020, he had fallen inactive in their server. This can be proven by a simple scan of the SE general chat.

When RR officially unallied with SE, the SE staff replaced the Ally role with the Visitor role for most of the RR members. It appears that while the Ally role was removed, they never removed the Private role from Baks, or even added the Visitor role to go with it. This faux pas occurred despite Baks apprising SE 3ic Comedy that he is a RR troop. SE knew he was not dual enlisted in SE or in any other army. Comedy continued to DM Baks despite knowing he was a visitor from RR.

Why would he bother to check if his roles in the server were correct, when he was inactive there? Is SE implying that their own incompetence in assigning him the correct roles gives them an excuse to DM him for events? They’re admitting to attempting to troop steal our mod and provoking him to attend their events with complete disregard for RR. What’s even worse is SE misused the screenshots they provided to falsify him being dual enlisted when he was not. A lame, pathetic attempt to somehow make their troop stealing valid is all the credit that could be given to these screenshots.

Troop stealing is not okay, and no matter how you do it, it’s still troop stealing.

Just because your default role when someone enters the server is “Private” doesn’t mean everyone is a private, love. Baks entered your server to help Silver Empire at an event because RR asked him to help you.

Above screenshots clearly prove SE knew about him being enlisted in only RR. However, they never bothered to change his roles until days later. If you review the dates from the screenshots we used in our original war declaration, they kept DMing him despite knowing he wasn’t enlisted. Don’t try to escape from the truth. You’ve been exposed, and no matter how hard you try to prove your innocence, we have an army of screenshots ready as proof to rebuff anything you say.

The closest thing he said to “I wanna enlist” is “sign me up, coach”. This was in reference to a tourney that he was DMed about in the first place.
People just hear what they want to hear.

Tea is dual enlisted in ACP of her own will. She DMed both ACP and RR leadership to let them know about her dual enlistment. There exists no record of Tea ever saying in DMs that she wants to dual enlist in your army. She’s friends with some of your members and that’s how far it ever went. When RR shutdown, Tea’s roles were suddenly changed from Ally + Private to Visitor. She did not notice this first, she was just a simple troop who didn’t know much about armies (she didn’t become a RR mod and undergo training until March 9th). Some time later, she realized her visitor role disabled her to see a few channels that her SE friends could see due to their Private role. Naturally, she was curious. Everyone loves roles, they let you see secret channels which you normally wouldn’t be able to see. This was the reason she grabbed the private role and the both of your division roles. It was a purely innocent attempt on her part to see the channels she couldn’t without them. This was done through the medium of SE’s self-assign channel.

Was her curiosity a crime?

She didn’t comprehend that she was in an army where simply reacting to a role is considered as dual enlisting. SE did not even bother asking her if she actually wanted to dual enlist, and took advantage of their own failure to correct her roles to constantly DM her for their events. Didn’t even think about what she would want, or how the DMing made her uncomfortable. Quintessential example of the friendly, safe environment in SE. An innocent mistake from a young allied troop leads to her being harassed to attend events that are beyond her bedtime. This eventually ends up forcing her to leave the server and lose contact with most of her friends there, in a desperate attempt to avoid being DMed.

Comedy deleted all of her messages with Tea. Was this an attempt to bury evidence, hoping we wouldn’t be able to use it against SE? Too late. We already have all the screenshots that we’ll ever need.

She was simply curious, private role gets more channels, still doesn’t make her your private. But again, one can see how SE became confused, since everyone is free range for them.
Tea never wanted to attend the event, it was well beyond her bedtime. She was just curious about the roles, which she’s always wanted. Apparently, a visitor clicking a role that SE has up for grabs for everyone = license to DM them for an event. And even if there did exist an alternate realm where tea did want to attend a SE event, what gave them the AUDACITY to DM her constantly about events, even though she wasn’t enlisted? Did SE ever take the simple step of asking her? (More proof on this in later parts of the post) If not, isn’t it their duty to make sure the people they are DMing aren’t from another army?

Tea was a simple troop who didn’t know much about armies until middle of March. That was when she went through training and learnt more about armies. Till then, she just talked in the RR server and attended SE events as an allied troop. Is that a crime? The fact that she got bugged by your server so often she became curious and thought she’d explore it? Everyone loves roles, that’s what most armies give as awards for attending special events. The Division roles were lying there, is it a crime to react to that role?


“Pumpkin and Amber had sent their messages at the same time, which RR neglects to mention. I apologize in advance for the compact mode.

from That moment when se hit their axe on their own foot, in their reply post
Source- SE’s reply post, titled: Reds In Over Their Heads
Source: SE’s reply post, titled: Reds In Over Their Heads

Do I still need to point it out? I find it hilarious how SE just provided us with a screenshot of Amber troopstealing as a proof that she wasn’t. Amber literally quotes Pumpkin’s message, saying he’s maining a different army (which would be RR, highlighted in the screenshot above), telling him to make SE his main army instead. ‘Oops’ indeed. Big ‘oops‘. “I’m not troopstealing but $20 is $20.” Just because you say “not troopstealing” doesn’t actually mean “not troopstealing.”

Still gonna say it was just a timing issue?
Please. Just admit the truth, love, you won’t be able to cover anything up. You can type that whole conversation in the span of a minute.

Amber asking about RR re-allying after we reopened- the chat was dead for 20 minutes, and she left the gc, despite knowing Max (happy_phantxm) wasn’t a RR leader at the time and was in no position to reply.
Neha checking in with Amber after she left the GC – Amber deleted her part of the conversation.
FP leader Jenn asking RR leader Bri why Amber left the BBA gc.
From: SE’s reply post.

Kailey- ACP at the time.
Mighty- GT leader at the time.
Deleted User- Cant be sure, but either Ram Em or Todorokook, both RR at the time

Nowhere in our post did we say never, don’t go putting words in our mouth. It was the constant begging and pleading to go to your events. Whilst it’s okay to ask to join for practice battles and when numbers are looking low, it is not okay to constantly beg other leaders and staff to log on for your events, especially for events as simple as a find four and especially when we were already pinging for your events. You simply wanted us for the numbers and that’s all it seemed like you were using this alliance for. The failing to support other armies got to the point where you just said “log on” in dms and the gc, not even a please or conversation into it. And nonetheless we still came to almost every single event you asked for. There’s a reason why both GT and FP have chosen to support RR and not SE. We aren’t the only ones who felt neglected and abused. You failed to support us the way we supported you. If any readers missed it you can read GT’s support post here.

Jenn, former Fighter Pilots leader supporting RR and their claims against Amber and Silver Empire

Seeing that GT released a support post for RR, Bri reached out to Jenn, the FP leader and creator and asked about her thoughts on Amber and Silver Empire. It’s clear that Jenn supports RR and validates many of our claims on how SE treated the BBA.

This is Neha telling Amber she would continue being in SE HCOM, but will go back to RR as well once it re-opens. This also shows her stating she would like to be leader of SE in 2 months, all on her own terms.

SE’s reply post.

If you’re intrigued to read about how Amber lied in the SE post about Neha, read what follows. Other wise, skip to the next separator.

A screenshot from January 16th – Neha retired from SE on January 22nd.

Amber trying to prove I said that I “would like to be leader of SE in 2 months all on her own terms” really pisses me off. Because this was never all on my own. If you’ve talked to this woman, you’ll know that she holds most of her conversations in VC instead of talking on chat. Even for trivial army things like discussing promotions for staff, we’d voice call for an hour or two. It was during one of these VCs that she told me, if I was active in the army I would be promoted to 2ic in two weeks, and if I kept up the activity, Silver Commander in 2 more weeks. And of course, Amber knows that I can’t prove that she said it and its really frustrating how I allowed myself to be so stupid and let myself be used like this.

Voice call records with Amber.
Neha’s conversation with Moosh, who’s been 5ic with the Silver Empire since forever. This screenshot, dated December 9th, was long before the conversation between Amber and Neha occurred. Screenshots prove that Neha did in fact want leader and felt it was unfair she wasn’t getting promoted. The remaining conversation was clearly deleted by Moosh.

I’m sure you’d like to use that to say “Neha didn’t communicate with me and instead complained behind my back”. Well, let me remind you of the time you yourself were a HCOM member. No one in their right mind directly approaches a leader who also happens to be their friend outside of CPA asking about why they haven’t been promoted yet. I mean you would certainly not mind whining like that, but I do. Moosh deleted all of his messages from this conversation cuz he knew I could use it to refute Amber’s “all on her own terms” comment. Unfortunately, he couldn’t delete my messages. In this convo, as stated, I didn’t want to look ungrateful, but still felt horribly used and lied to. I kept feeling self-doubt and yet was hoping for a promotion to maybe somehow release all of these negative feelings Amber’s lies had brought inside me.

Amber admitting that Neha has been acting as a leader, but still not promoting her. This comes more than one month after Amber told Neha that if Neha was active, she would be promoted to 2ic within 2 weeks. She also admits that she was unfair towards Neha in terms of promoting her, and apologizes for failing in her duties to properly fulfil her promises. Amber then proceeds to make up an excuse about Neha being stressed, but this still doesn’t excuse her never approaching Neha and asking what she wanted, or even acknowledging the work Neha did until this point.

The entire time I was in SE, even when on breaks, I consistently maintained a strong work ethic, right to the end of my time there. I trained so many members of Amber’s staff team, gave them jobs to do which should’ve been what Amber was doing. The reason for me doing this was so I could help you organize the work, despite it not being my job to do. I even spent hours in VC with you coming up with an event schedule for the week. And yet, I get accused of being inactive and losing motivation. I did not lose motivation until the last week of my time as a SE HCOM. And even if I did lose it during that last week, how does a person not lose motivation, when they’re constantly told they will be promoted for their work and yet never receive the promotion, to the point where they begin to doubt why they’re even working in the first place.

These following screenshots show examples of the amount of work I did in December, and how I lowkey took over the army when you weren’t feeling well and took a break.

One of Amber’s friends at the time admitting that I did deserve a promo.

Before you go ahead and quote the “eh I see why she hasn’t”, it’s called being respectful when someone from outside your army admits you deserve a promotion, and defending your friend’s decisions when those decisions are being attacked. When someone has been in an army for more than four months doing most of the work in the army at the time, getting nothing but dead end promises of promotions, only to get it after getting a leader in another army, they tend to lose hope of ever getting promoted to leadership, despite all promises.

Amber making an excuse that she “forgot” to promote me the day before I was appointed as the leader of Red Ravagers.

In the SE reply post, Amber quotes my messages to her from the day I retired from SE- January 22. Despite all the false promises, I still considered her as my friend and didn’t want to hurt her by saying I was leaving her army because she didn’t promote me for my work and accuse her of manipulating and lying to me. I made up an excuse about feeling like I didn’t deserve any of the perks that came with being 2ic and not deserving leader. That I took all the credit but did nothing was a lie to hide the truth from her, to protect her from feeling hurt. Well, you’ve forced me to tell the whole truth, so hope you’re feeling satisfied now.

How did this go from being a personal incident of mistrust between Neha and Amber to resulting in a war between the two armies? Soon after leaving SE, Neha kept up irregular talks with Amber. After all, they were still friends. Meanwhile, SE’s actions kept impairing the Red Ravagers. When Ravagers, and the BBA as a whole started turning hostile towards SE, Neha was chosen to DM Amber due to her previous affiliations with SE. RR follows a system where we try to have only one HCOM be the main point of contact for any particular ally, to avoid confusion, or cases of “he said/she said” – so any communications between SE and RR were Neha’s responsibility.

A beautifully written excerpt accusing the Red Ravagers of troopstealing and Neha apparently turning it against Silver Empire once we found out they were accusing RR of troopstealing

We weren’t even allies during or long before the March Madness. We said you rarely sent members to our events in the period when we were allied. Yes, you did send troops during the early months of BBA, but ever since November, your support for RR just kept dwindling down.

During March Madness, there was an incident regarding a SE troop. The troop joined the RR server of their own accord, and one of our welcomers, Tea, DMed them with a standard message. We were gonna let this one slide but since you decided to bring it up here we go.

Tea welcoming the new person in RR and being told to go.

Previously stated, Tea was promoted to mod on March 9th, and had been a mod for almost a week when this occurred. Tea was learning how to welcome and set new people up in the server during a recruiting session when the SE troop joined. She often asked for help along the way and dm’d Bri when she confronted the first visitor she had to welcome.

Tea dming leader Bri to ensure she’s doing her new job correctly
The Red Ravagers would be more than happy to provide the uncensored mod-log photos to the Silver Empire<3

Tea then DMed her friend, who was a mod in SE, to let her know that the SE troop came off kind of rude. The original screenshots of the conversation between the SE mod and Tea are unavailable due to the SE mods account being deleted. However, here’s a ss of the SE mod approaching her team about the issue. Tea informed SE of how their troop treated her and contacted Bri for assistance in what she should do. Tea then gave the SE troop visitor within a minute. Great first week as a mod Tea, we’re all very proud of you for doing exactly the right thing.

RR being accused of troop stealing? Well let’s reach out to our former allies to clear this up!! Troop stealing allegations are serious! Although Amber did claim that when Neha DMed her about it, it was nothing serious and she didn’t see why Neha had to come to her so urgently about it.

This brings us to Neha reaching out to Amber, trying to clear things up and see what was causing such great confusion. Amber later blocked her supposedly good friend Neha for being rude. Only for Silver Empire to then use this incident to accuse us of troop stealing in their post? And they call our post poorly written.

Thanks for the screenshot Amber! Also yikes, you just misgendered your own troop ://

Neha was clearly concerned over finding out we were being accused of troop stealing and tried to reach out to Amber and give her a chance to explain. Instead she was met with hostility and blocked. So this is what happens when another army leader reaches out to you regarding army concerns? Do you treat all other army leaders with this level of disrespect?

And then Amber claims we never reached out to her about this. Well, you blocked us when we did reach out!

Neha discussing being blocked by Amber with her friend from SE.

Additionally, let’s all have a little laugh at this ss posted just 3 screenshots above:

Again, thanks for the screenshot Amber!! You’re openly admitting Tea is our recruiter, and our staff member, you don’t seem to claim her as a SE private one bit here!
Let’s also look at this screenshot! Looks like one of your mods is acknowledging that Tea is RR! Oops better inform them that you’re trying to troop steal and claim her as yours!

Wow and from your last post I could’ve sworn you said Tea was dual enlisted! (insert intense sarcasm noises)

“Learn how to do leadership type things”

I think Amber meant ‘learn to support my dictatorship’, an empire where she uses the HCOM until they start resenting her for not being promoted to leader. This, despite doing more than enough to earn the rank. And then when they threaten to leave, you demote them to a lower rank instead for them to prove their worth once again, all over?

The truth remains that Amber never plans on promoting any of the HCOM members, no matter how many promises she makes or how much efforts they put in- which is exactly what happened with Neha and the anonymous person mentioned by Amber- censored due to personal reasons.

We never asked for our former mod to be a staff member with us, we asked for the mod to be allowed to return as a troop.

SE claim they made it obvious the RR mod would not be allowed retain their rank in RR if they became SE staff. I think SE didn’t read the screenshot they used. Bri made it clear we expected the RR mod to return as a troop in RR, once our army reopened. Probably didn’t notice, maybe SE should start reading their ‘proof’ before they use it and accidentally incriminate themselves. Amber herself told us it won’t be a problem if the mod was dual enlisted, since the mod always had been.

Source: SE’s reply post, titled: Reds In Over Their Heads

Moreover, Amber claims that they never had a problem with their staff members being a troop in another army. I think they don’t realize that being a troop means being allowed to attend the army’s events. When our old mod started attending our events after RR reopened, this is the message they received from the SE HCOM on behalf of SE Leader:

Context: here, “he” refers to Dman, one of the SE 2ics.

There is a very conspicuous problem here – the usage of “prefer not to”. SE claimed in your post that they don’t have an issue with Staff Members being troops in other armies. Then why was our mod told to stop attending events for our army when it had been previously agreed the mod would be a troop with us? This would connote two things:
1) SE is distinctly saying this just because the armies involved here are RR and GT.
2) SE undoubtedly went back on their word that they’d allow the mod to stay as a troop.

From SE’s reply post

When you made an agreement with Bri about the mod joining SE, you definitely stated the mod would be allowed to be a troop in RR. This was the reason why she said it was fine for the mod to move to SE. This was the reason the mod was able to overcome their sorrow at leaving their home army and moving to SE, they felt comfort in the fact that they would be allowed to attend RR events and still stay loyal to SE. However, this changed the moment the mod had spent some time in SE and settled in. SE asked one of their 2ics to reach out to the mod to tell them they couldn’t go to the events of the army they were enlisted in. How is this not manipulation? You just falsely agreed to the terms for as long as it suited you, and when you were sure the mod wouldn’t leave SE even if you revoked their right to attend whatever event they want to, you went back on your word. Of course, you didn’t pressure the mod when they asked to join SE, you wouldn’t want to scare them away with that.

You might think that your point still stands as SE has never allowed for dual enlistment so RR should have known better. But here’s screenshots proving this wasn’t always the case:

Something definitely changed…
From a former 2ic and supposedly the next leader of SE.

For Scorp’s response to the allegations of not providing full context and admitting the war is a personal vendetta, read the post titled “Smells Like Personal Vendetta” (click here to jump to it).

Action recruited for SE for the sole reason of the nitro raffle. In what world would this imply he’s interested in actually joining the army? Apparently, this is SE’s attempt at “validating” Comedy’s attempt to troop steal him. The thing is, if this had been a one time incident, it would’ve been believable that Comedy was simply joking. But repeatedly suggesting that Action should join SE? It has been proven in HF’s post that Comedy has attempted to troop steal before. Above, we proved how Tea and Baks weren’t dual enlisted and Comedy did try to poach them. Do you think Comedy was justified in DMing him after the nitro competition had ended, asking him to recruit for SE and enlist there? Were you offering nitro for recruiting on a daily basis as a troop?

You say it was a joke, but obviously it was a joke aimed to see if Action would be actually interested in joining. You saw his value as a recruiter, and without even knowing who he was, or where he was from, decided to DM him, greedy for more recruits. Learn to face the consequences of your actions. “ACP has 15k members” So does this justify DMing one of their best recruiters whom they couldn’t give mod yet due to lack of space and making sly suggestions about joining SE that were poorly disguised as jokes? I personally know Action, he’s one of my best friends and says “Give me creator and I’ll join” to every person who’s ever tried to get him to join their army when he was already in another. It’s his way of saying nah I’m not here to be disloyal to my army and joining yours for any bribe you may offer. ACP troops are allowed to dual enlist, if they want to join the other army of their own accord, not when someone from that army drops into the members DMs and makes sly troop stealing references. Understand the difference between dual enlist and troop steal.

Mind you, this is no attempt to get Army of CP to be involved in our war. We love our allies, yeah. While we respect ACP and the Ice Warriors and acknowledge their strength and influence, we don’t need their help to crush you fair and square in a one on one battle. We beat a major army, we’ll certainly do it again.

Kudos to you for calling him an army hopper and hurting his feelings. Yet another person SE hurt.
  • The word used in that post was inserted their by accident during the process of compiling the screenshots. Once we realized our error, the word was immediately taken off. Had you actually cared enough about it, you would’ve taken the pains to ensure it was censored in your own post instead of including it.
  • Don’t even begin with “disgusting” behavior. Do you still need to be reminded of how you included a NSFW penguin graphic in your reply to HF’s war declaration, for your own amusement? How the graphic wasn’t taken off until HF called you out for it hours later in their own reply, by which time all the young, impressionable minds in your server had been exposed to the image? Your failure to censor so many explicit words in your reply post? Probably not.

Like I explained above, this isn’t about personal attacks. It’s about what you and SE have done to the BBA armies. You made attacks based on army business which we took personally because we were supposed to be friends. You really think you can go through with everything that you did and then just refuse to acknowledge it despite their being more than enough proof, and four armies providing proof for what you did? That’s just way too funny. The truth remains strong, you did what you did. We’ve got more than enough proof and enough credible people acknowledging it. So don’t even bother trying to reply, you’ll just be wasting your time and we’ll reply to it with even more screenshots and some actual, solid proof.

Take the chance. Apologize for your actions.

Or else face the consequences and meet us on the battlefield. If you refuse to battle, we’ll just raid every single event you plan on hosting, until the day you finally apologize for your actions. That’s all its gonna take to make RR abandon this conflict and revert to neutral status with the Silver Empire. Maybe even reconcile in the future.

Below are the terms of the war:
1) No multilogging, doxxing, threatening any of our allies or members. You can use allies and dual enlisted members in battles.
2) Each army is allowed to schedule two battles at a time, with a 24 hour notice.
3) Battles will be judged by judges agreed upon by both sides, and rooms will be decided by this team of judges. Any instance of tampering with the decisions will result in an automatic defeat for the army that tried it.
4) The war will not end until:
a) Amber writes a formal apology for all the things she and her army members have done.
b) Silver Empire accepts all of the facts that have been stated above, and do not try to excuse it in any way.
c) Remove the visitor-but-promoted role from the Silver Empire. Come up with something original for once.
d) Comedy is removed from her position in the Silver Empire

Oh also, I'd like to apologize to Amber, we're sorry our post, written by mere teenagers, felt childish and poorly written to you. Or maybe your concept of maturity is "People who don't expose me"? Either ways. we'll take the blame here and sincerely apologize :)) 

Dread The Red.

Goddangit, my coffee went cold… I swear I hate you guys ;-;


Red Ravagers Red Commander


Red Ravagers Red Commander


Red Ravagers Red Commander

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