Silver Snakes: Declaration of War On Silver Empire

Hello Ravagers, friends and the army community. Over the last few months, our former allies, the Silver Empire has disrespected and used our army as a free candy shop, stealing our troops. This is an official declaration of war against the snakes that have been hurting us ever since last summer ended. This has been allowed to go on unchecked for far too long. It is time that we make the Silver Empire and their leader Amber pay for their crimes. Continue reading to find out more.

Note: For the sake of privacy, many screenshots have been censored.

Troop Stealing

Our main reason for declaring war: SE’s blatant troop stealing. Silver Empire often asked the higher command and staff of other armies to attend their events, even going as far as asking Ravager troops to do the same.

Tea was an RR low ranking troop at the time.
More instances of pressuring our troops – Tea was just a high ranking troop.
Why are they even trying isn’t it obvious she doesn’t give a shit about your army?
I think Comedy accidentally teleported into a random non-allied army’s mod’s DMs, like she does every time Amber says “RECRUIT!”
Literally obvious SE DMs our mods to attend their events more than RR DMs them lmfao
Ready to get traumatized by your constant harassment, yeah
Pressuring our mods to attend for them despite the alliance being over more than a month ago.
Comedy (I think she chose that name cuz she knows what a joke she is) being the cause of stress in our troops and mods as she continues DMing them for SE events without any shame, once again, alliance was broken a month ago.
Literally not even a shred of sensitivity or dignity, as she dms the mod to attend her own army’s event on the same day RR temporarily shut down.

Further on, they successfully troopstole multiple members from the Red Ravagers over the summer of 2020.

An RR troop admitting to have been troopstolen to Silver Empire, the troop was in vc with RR members complaining about their mistreatment in SE when another Silver Empire member joined the vc.
Pumpkin had joined the RR after a falling out with another army and was pressured by Amber to join Silver Empire after he said he was maining RR.

As a result of the period of uncertainty in armies, the Red Ravagers shut its door for the safety of our troops and rebranded to “Ravvy Hangout.” Silver Empire took advantage this opportunity to increase their efforts to poach our troops and mods. Despite knowing that the RR were only going to be temporarily shut down, Amber and her team continued pressuring and borderline harassing our troops to attend their events.

Amber knew the Red Ravagers were not shut down permanently and simply trying to lay low

The last straw was an incident that occurred in the period during the community shutdown. In January, most armies shut their doors to stay safe from the danger of online terrorism in the community. During this time, RR temporarily disguised the server as a hangout in order to make sure they had an unbreakable shield. Despite knowing about the shut down being temporary, Amber approached one of our former mods under the disgusting guise of friendship and convinced her to join SE staff. She assured the former mod, who happens to be the only veteran in RR, that she will be allowed to dual enlist between SE and RR once RR reopens. After RR reopened, Amber showed her true colors as she made a new rule saying staff members cannot dual enlist. This caused a lot of discomfort to our mod as she wanted to be in both armies and was being held in SE against her will. Despite Amber promising RR that the mod would be allowed to dual enlist, she went back on her word like the snake she’s proven herself to be. Not only did it hurt the mod that she was tricked into joining SE, it also was the final incident that pushed us over the edge, as we were left with no option other than declaring war. No longer were we going to let our troops be manipulated and used like tools. No longer were we going to let the silver snakes hurt us.

Amber promising Bri that the mod will be allowed to dual enlist once RR reopens.
RR asking the mod and reassuring her that the decision to dual enlist or stay in SE remains hers. The mod said she needed time to think about it and RR agreed, once again letting her know we don’t mind her choosing either ways.
The mod confirming she wants to dual enlist with RR
The mod venting about how hurt she was over Amber manipulating her into joining SE.
Amber doesn’t even do her dirty manipulative work herself, she instructs her HCOM members to carry out these tasks for her. Our mod wasn’t even allowed to attend her own home army’s events, being forced to stay in SE and not go anywhere else. This comes despite RR allowing the mods to attend any event they wanted to.
The mod is so scared of them that she can’t even voice her thoughts on her own army career. Is this what SE’s promise of friendship and family is like? This is what you call friendship?
The mod literally has to come up with secretive ways to attend our events when she was and is our troop since forever.

Harassing Ravvys And The Rest Of Beep Beep Alliance To Attend Their Events

The Red Ravagers allied with the Silver Empire under the beep beep alliance. Initially, the alliance was great, the four armies involved, Red Ravagers, Fighter Pilots, Silver Empire, and Golden Troops, became very close and we had built strong relations with one another.

Silver Empire being the fourth army in the Beep Beep Alliance, poor decision 😦

Throughout the alliance, the members of Beep Beep helped each other a great deal at events but eventually, it became everyone heavily supporting the Silver Empire meanwhile they neglected the rest of the alliance members. Tensions were formed as members felt that Amber abused their support while herself failing to support her fellow beep beep members. The constant begging of other leaders and their staff to attend SE events whilst not supporting the other armies became draining.

Emotionally manipulating the members of BB alliance into attending SE events when she didn’t attend any of ours.
Amber trying to steal Jenn to SE while Fighter Pilots was still open and running. I mean, how dumb can you get? Tryna steal a leader? Seriously, Amber?
After others members in the BBA just supported the Silver Empire, members of the BBA went to go support ally, Golden Troops, with the exception of Amber

After the Red Ravagers revival, we decided not to re-ally with the Silver Empire due to the inconsistency and lack of support on their part. Despite the broken alliance, Silver Empire continued plaguing the Ravager troops and staff with DMs to support them and attend their events.

Asking 2ic, Scorpion Demon to support their events

Despite making it clear that HCOM members were not willing to attend, they continued receiving DMs to attend for an army they were neither active in nor allied to.

Constant asking for them to attend

They’ve got the audacity to DM HCOM members to attend their events after causing so much hurt to every one of them.

After leaving the Silver Empire server, being pressured to rejoin the server.

Neha’s Experience As Former Dual Enlisted SE 3IC

My relationship with Amber started with the formation of the Beep Beep Alliance. We would talk ever so often and our friendship grew close pretty fast, often talking about personal things as well as army matters. Amber would always be ranting about how the SE staff did nothing for her. She would keep talking about how desperate she was for more help to run the army. Often, she’d complain to me about how difficult it was for her to co exist with her leader Jimmy. She’d blame him for doing nothing. 

Shit talking your own co-leader to an allied HCOM, yeah, shows real character and leadership qualities

It was only much later that I realized all of it had been nothing but exaggerations to manipulate me into joining SE. Her staff always helps her with anything they can, we can dare say they worship her and would do anything for her. They think she loves them because of the way she talks to them up front, but this is how she complains and trashes their reputation behind their backs. And the fact that she can’t ever subdue her own ego to co-lead with another person is obvious from her repeated complaining about Jimmy who was never a bad leader in any aspect, and the fact that she had the audacity to admit that she’s never promoting anyone else to lead beside her in a public interview, despite making empty promises to many of her existing HCOM about them getting leader soon:

Amber confirming in a recent CPAHQ post that she never plans on making anyone else leader. Want an example of an overinflated ego? look up ^

Unfortunately, the way she worded these things, I never realized all of the darkness behind her texts. Sympathetic towards her seemingly genuine troubles, I offered her my help as a dual enlisted HCOM member in RR and SE. On September 16th, I joined SE as a 3ic. During this period, Amber and I discussed how I would exactly fit into the army. She coerced me into thinking that I had joined the army as a 3ic on a fast track to leadership. That I would get to be a leader soon enough if I put in enough effort to help SE become better. 

Yes Amber, such bad timing.. Especially considering how you didn’t promote her from 3IC the entire of 3 months she spent working on your goddamn army.
Neha was given leadership opportunities to grow and she constantly was there and ready to take charge when needed

 Right as I joined SE, I was extremely active in the server, I helped bring about major changes in the army. I started helping her grow her army, giving preference to her over my own home army. As my trust in her deepened, I started picking SE over RR more and more. What I failed to realize was that this wasn’t coming out of my own choice, I was being manipulated into picking SE. The eventual revelation came after I started noticing the little things. Like how she would talk me into choosing to represent SE over RR in tournaments. I had to ask for permission and apologize to her for attending a tournament for my home army. As a RR 2ic and later a leader in RR, I was constantly receiving DMs to reschedule or even cancel on RR events to not affect SE events. SE always had a steady influx of new staff members, and from interacting with them I began to realize she made the same promises to everybody that she had made to me. From talking to the members who left SE, I realized i wasn’t the only one who was being treated that was/manipulated. I also came to realize she broke that sense of trust just as easily as she created it. Despite all those promises, she never planned on giving me leader or even appreciating my hard work for her army in the slightest ways, other than deceitful words. I had trusted her with a lot but at the end of the day I realized that it was all just a cover up and she never truly cared for me. I was being used and abused, my time in SE was a waste and with that I departed.

Trying to convince Neha to make the entire RR attend SE event as one of the SE divisions like bruh… do you even have an ounce of respect in your mind?
Even after Neha received leader in RR, Amber still promoted her to 2ic to try and incentivize her to try and keep her focusing on SE rather than RR
More of excuses after excuses. Funny how she scrambled for reasons after I confronted her.

Our Allies

The various toxic and manipulative antics of the Silver Empire and more precisely Amber haven’t just affected us. The snakes also had the audacity to go behind our backs when we believed our alliance was strong, and trash talk the Ravagers to our loyal allies, the Army of CP. Yes, Amber, probably didn’t think we’d find out about that huh? Fortunately, unlike your silver tongued army, we have a reputation of being good people with good hearts and good actions. Instead of believing your treacherous lies, they reached out to us for the truth. The Silver Empire also attempted to /troop stole from the Army of CP and Help Force, both of whom are our allies. We do not condone this kind of malpractices and we will not stand by and watch as you continue to pilfer from our generous allies. Moreover, they continued to slander our allies like the Ice Warriors, and insulted the members of the BB alliance behind closed doors…

FP is turning into a IW pawn huh? Are you even making sense here?
Trashing the name of the Ice Warriors and implying that they’ll betray their allies when IW is literally one of the most loyal armies ever.
Comedy trying to convince an ACP top recruiter to recruit for SE instead. The list of disgusting behavior never ends
Recruiting for them isn’t enough, Comedy also wants them to enlist!

Trash Talking Her Own Staff

Okay this isn’t really a war reason and more of an expose. It isn’t enough for Amber to trash talk her own allies and other armies. She also bashes her own staff and HCOM members for no reason at all. There are countless number of people who can attest that Amber’s been in their DMs one day or the other, complaining about how her staff does nothing for them. During the September drop, she mentioned one of her staff members as the next leader of SE. That staff member recently left the SE server cuz Amber never has any intention of letting someone co-lead with her. It’s impossible for her to respect one of her colleagues enough to trust them enough to lead with them. So be warned, SE staff members reading this. Whatever leadership roles she promised you, it ain’t coming. Be smart and leave while you can lol.

We personally love it when you take a break, Amber, cuz that means you’re finally putting a pause to the harassment and stealing of our members for your events.
You heard her, staff members! You do nothing for her! You never will!


All of the above facts are just the tip of the iceberg. The entire time Silver Empire has been associated with RR and the entire time it hasn’t been associated, they’ve done everything they can to make us regret ever getting into relations with them. In sight of everything stated above, we urge the entire army community to be aware of the manipulative tactics used by the Silver Empire. For trying to troopsteal, trashing our staff, manipulating our troops, and harassing our higher command, and most importantly, hurting the people we love and being a literal pain in the ass to them, the Red Ravagers officially declare war on the Silver Empire.

Below are the terms of the war:

  1. No multilogging, doxxing, threatening any of our allies or members.
  2. Each army is allowed to schedule two battles at a time, with a 24 hour notice.
  3. Battles will be judged by judges agreed upon by both sides, and rooms will be decided by this team of judges. Any instance of tampering with the decisions will result in an automatic defeat for the army that tried it.
  4. The war will not end until:
    a) Amber writes a formal, public apology for all the things she and her army members have done.
    b) Silver Empire accepts all of the facts that have been stated above, and do not try to excuse it by stating your own made-up grievances.
    c) Remove the visitor-but-promoted role from the Silver Empire. Come up with something original for once.
    d) Comedy is removed from her position in the Silver Empire


We were gonna add a well-researched literary quote to end this post, but then MEE6 decided to provide it for us.

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